Crazily Yours Forever: Sample Chapters

These are sample chapters from my book “A Journey To Remember”. For reading the complete novella, buy it from Amazon.


Qismat | Episode 14 | Soha Is Thrown Out Of Her House

Qismat Cast and Characters and Review of Episode 1 through 13 PLOT SUMMARY After Waleed’s tamasha, Soha’s parents are extremely upset with her. She tries to explain, but they don’t listen. Waleed arrives home to see Sara and Bilquis eating and happily discussing their shopping. Bilquis is determined to get him married as she pleases….

Qismat | Episode 1-13 | As Predictable As It Gets

Generally speaking, all women fiction stories in Urdu rely on age-old tropes. I have read billions of stories where one or more of these tropes are at play. Especially, #2 is almost in all stories. However, Qismat is different. It is that one drama where ALL OF THEM apply.