A Retrospective: The week that was – 19w27

The week was crazy. I read around thirty stories of varying length. Some, I have reviewed. Some are pending. Some did not leave any impression and therefore will not be reviewed.

My birthday is nearing and I still haven’t worked on the final draft of the novel I wanted to publish on my birthday. I am not getting time these days. What’s the point, anyway? It is not like anybody is reading my stories.

I crocheted a bit, to take my mind off writing. It did help. I have not crocheted as per any pattern though. I am just experimenting, trying to make a cardigan. I will try and share that separately.

Office was crazy. Workload is increasing and I don’t get much time to even go out for a walk. My bosses are in a preachy mood these days – do this, do that, take initiative, lead by example. My response was usual – I will think about it.

This is a click from my office window. You can see the reflection of my phone, too.



How was your week?

Shabana Mukhtar