A Retrospective: The week that was – 19w28

This week, I slowed down. Seriously, I put in effort to slow down. I read only two books. I tried reading new authors – both were surprisingly nice. 

I still crochet one round at a time.

Yet again, I am overwhelmed with the number of ideas floating in my head, so much that I cannot write. I keep juggling from one idea to other, trying to note down everything that comes to mind, before I forget it. I am not able to do it successfully, though.

Office was meh. I want to tell a colleague to stop being my boss. She is asking for status every 5 minutes. Time for a shut-up call.

How was your week?

This is a yesterday’s evening snack. If I stay late at office, I make sure my tummy is full.



Shabana Mukhtar


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