Chasing deadlines

Life is nothing but a deadline.

And we keep on adding more.

In today’s world, we spend our lives surrounded by gadgets and computers. We have become one ourselves, without realizing it.

We spend our day in a systematic routine, strictly driven by time.

Get up @0730

Start for work @ 0830

Out of office @1730

Cooking and cleaning @2000

Dishes and laundry @2200

Read and watch @0000

Try to sleep…. this has no deadline as it is not in my control.

Apart from this, there are deadlines of work. 

Finish this task today.

Reply to that mail by tomorrow.

Conference calls, meetings, discussions, code commits… 

It becomes blurry. I feel like I’m doing all those chores and also watching all this chaos from a corner.

I added more stress by setting hard targets for finishing crochet projects. Then I realized that the deadlines are killing me. To counter this, I’ve taken a few measures.

  • Don’t crochet. Don’t set goals to finish the crochet project. 
  • DON’T set alarm. 
  • Change office timings. No rush to go early and come back early.

Has it helped? Big N. Big O. No. 

Waking up without alarm is the only thing that has helped me. No matter how melodious is the ringtone you set for alarm, alarm sounds horrible. Period. 

Apart from that, things have changed little. The stress of deadlines in the morning is reduced, and moved to evening. Now I’m stressed about reaching home, and the deadlines of evening routine. I call it law of conservation of deadlines. 

Deadlines are neither created, nor destroyed. Only one deadline transforms to another deadline.

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