Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #11

So, Noori and Bhola are married. Nusrat is smitten by Noori’s beauty. Bhola demands salaami from the guests. Two of his friends make fun of him making him upset and he gets another fit.

This episode also tells us that peeri-mureedi does not fulfil ones prayers. One should directly ask from Allah.

Komal offers to stay the night with Noori as Bhola is sleeping in Amma’s room after his fit. Noori looks gorgeous in the white dress the next day when they visit mazaar. Bhola gets up and creates a scene when he doesn’t find his bride. He throws insults at Nusrat and Rizwana; but later breaks down recalling his deceased father. As I said earlier, Nusrat and Rizwana have good intentions for Bhola and do look after him.

Fehmeeda asks a woman sitting in front of mazaar to give her blessings to Noori. Noori reacts as though she feels disgusted.

Bhola insists on making a heart with flower petals on the bed, but Noori is disturbed to see it.

Side note

What is Omer Darr, a guy from Sahir’s neighbourhood, doing at Bhola’s wedding?

Shabana Mukhtar