Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #12

The episode opens as Rizwana narrates Bhola’s antiques to Fehmeeda. Fehmeeda looks upset, as she has sensed that Noori in unaware about Bhola and his mental state.

Rizwana tries to find the truth, but Noori dodges her questions.

Bhola and Noori meet, upsetting Noori to no limits. The next morning, however, she is in a good mood and is happy to be part of a nice big mansion. when she sees Bhola, however, her disgust resurfaces with vengeance.

Rizwana is jealous of Noori. She can only yell at Komal, and she does that. Bhola continues to woo Noori and Noori continues to be rude to her.

Bhola’s friends are mean. MEAN.

Best scene

Bhola to Fehmeeda: “Dulhan ke paas jaana hai ya Jume ki namaaz padhne jaana hai?”

Question of the episode

Why do men talk in lower register?

Shabana Mukhtar