Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #13

The episode begins with Fehmeeda bringing a lot of stuff for Noori and Bhola. Noori is cherishing the love and blessings from Fehmeeda, especially the dresses and jewellery.

Noori continues to ignore Bhola who notices the difference in her behaviour. She goes to meet the so called friends of Bhola who are trying to poison his mind. I had expected that she would teach them a lesson in a typical Noori manner. But she doesn’t.

Rizwana steals one necklace from Fehmeeda. Greed is an evil. Will she be caught?

Best scene

There is a tie.

  1. Bhola’s attempt to make an impression on Noori.
  2. Bhola: Haan ji, badi zaleel qism ki juwen hain.

“Haan ji” is one of his catchphrases, by the way and he totally nails it every time he uses it, haan ji.

Shabana Mukhtar

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