Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #15

Noori begins the journey of killing her ego by being nice to Bhola. Iqra does a fantastic job emoting Nooris hatred and dilemma through her eyes.
Her changed behaviour also brings about s positive change in Bhola and he learns and follows some some rules of hygiene.

Darr is lusting after Komal and I wish Noori would teach those men a lesson and soon.
Fehmeeda reminisces the past and why Bhola is the way he is.komal reached home and Noori being the smart girl she is understands Komal’s discomfort. Yes, so she will do something about those devils. She does. Yayyy!

Best scene

Bhola complaining that Noori addresses him as Tu when Amma is not around.

Shabana Mukhtar