Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #16

The episode begins with Komal reminiscing how Noori saved her from the two goon-slash-friends of Bhola – Shafeeq and Darr. Komal is grateful, to which Noori replies that ‘No woman is ordinary’. True that! Noori gives a nice pep talk to Komal about women empowerment and self-belief.

Bhola is upset with Noori that she doesn’t give him much time, even though he keep himself clean.

اب تو میری ایڑیاں ابلے ہوئے انڈے کی طرح چکنی ہو گئی ہیں۔ کیا استعارہ ہے، واہ!

At tea time, Bhola begins the most dreaded topic – when will I have kids? Nusrat has been asking Rizwana about such possibility; his intentions are unknown. One can guess that he doesn’t want any heirs of the property.

The episode continues around the same topic. Bhola and Noori have another cute argument.

Sahir returns. He is the ‘man’ Nusrat has hired to look after his business. No surprises there.

Best scene

This episode has the cutest scene between Bhola and Noori yet, excerpts here.


Question of the day

Fehmeeda and her clothes – don’t you like those soft hues?

Shabana Mukhtar