Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #17

Noori is stitching clothes for babies, without realizing it.
For household expenses and Shakooran’s payments, Fehmeeda asks Nusrat to bring money from bank. She also asks to bring in 10K extra, as she wants to give Noori some pocket money. Nusrat doesn’t like it, of course. Fehmeeda drops the cheque and Noori is surprised at the amount – it is 2.5 lakhs, not 25 thousands. Ten times more. Of course, Nusrat claims it to be a mistake, an additional zero that’ all. But what about the amount in words, one may ask. Our smart heroine Noori confronts Nusrat about the same and he leaves without commenting. Noori suggests that Amma should use ATM instead.
Noori is giving tutions to kids and Bhola also joins them. He colours the crow as green, and justifies that when crow gets fever, he turns green. Bhola and his logics are amazing and a constant source of comic relief.
Sahir is ambitious and Nusrat is impressed. It is a no brainer that he sees Sahir as future son in law.
Bhola is playing with a bat and brings up the kids’ topic again. Noori doesn’t like it, obviously, but Rizwana’s comments enrages her further. She tells Bhola that if he talks about it again, she will hit herself with the bat. Bhola is angry and hits Rizwana with the bat. Hah!
Best scene
Bhola upset with Noori and Noori in turns threatens to be upset with him.