Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #18

Noori scolds Bhola for what he has done and he runs away in a fit of anger. He is hungry, tired and has no money on him. At the hospital, Noori and Sahir miss each other by a whisker. Rizwana wants to move out, but Nusrat has other plans, so he cannot leave the Haveli.
Bhola comes back, and admits that the real reason he ran away was that he feared Noori will leave him. Awnnn.
Nusrat suggests that Bhola should be taken to the same doctor who treated him earlier when his father expired. He is on a mission, we can say. Our doubts are strengthened when he gets upset to see Noori accompanying them. He takes them to a different doctor, of course. He doesn’t even want to buy the medicines from that hospital. Ahem!
Best scene
Bhola apologizing to Amma.
Question of the day
Where is Amma Jannate these days?