Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #19

Nusrat is mean. He has hired a doctor to give wrong medicines to Bhola. One can guess that Bhola wasn’t the way he is; if it was not for those medicines. Sahir overhears the conversation and later also finds the prescription. But he keeps quiet.

Sahir is enjoying tea at the haveli with Komal and Fehmeeda. When Komal talks about him with Noori, she gets upset as it reminds her of Sahir.

Noori objects to the new medications but Nusrat scolds her. Later, Fehmeeda tells Noori to stop arguing. But why should she?

Rizwana is still not happy that Nusrat wants to suggest the alliance of Komal and Sahir. It is in bad taste. She needs to prepare for the feast nonetheless. Noori offers to help.

Best scene

Bhola meets Rizwana chachi to apologize, but she is bitter and talks rubbish. Noori consoles Bhola by saying that he is not a murderer, he is an angel.

Shabana Mukhtar