Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #20

Bhola and Noori are playing. Bhola is infuriated when Noori refuses to play further. He hits her and her head gets hurt. The medicines are affecting him badly. Noori is upset at his state. She takes him out, hoping the outing would have a positive impact on him.

Sahir comes over and they talk about Bhola. Rizwana comments that the doctor doesn’t seem right and the medicines are making Bhola worse. Sahir still doesn’t say anything.

Nusrat finally talks to Sahir about Komal.

When Nusrat talks about his plans with Rizwana, she admits that she always took him to be a simple, pushover man; but he is not; although she liked the simple Nusrat.

Bhola thinks that taking medicines would calm him and Noori will be nice to him. He takes all the medicines at once and becomes violent. His animalistic mood results in what Nusrat has been fearing until now. Poor Noori!

Shabana Mukhtar