Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #22

Fehmeeda gives the keys to Noori and Rizwana is upset, obviously. On the other hand, Fehmeeda asks Nusrat to discuss the accounts and hand over the money to Noori. Both sense a danger that their monopoly is about to be broken.

Noori, on the other hand, remembers her past when her cast was the factor that people won’t even allow her to cook in their houses. Today, she is the owner of one such house, not literally, but you get the gist.

Sahir now realizes what Noori has gotten into, what he has forced her to do, indirectly.

Noori then goes on to see the doctor, the good doctor, and finds out the truth. Noori has changed for good. On the other hand, Sahir overhears Nusrat talking to the bad doctor.

Bhola is upset with Noori that she went out without him, and enjoyed street food. Noori inititally fears that he has found out about Sahir. What a cute person he is!


Noori confronts Nusrat, AGAIN, about the doctor. Nusrat flips out and humiliates her. Will Noori retort and be honest that she doubts his intentions?

Question of the day

Will Sahir tell Noori about Nusrat?

Best scene

Sahir and Noori talk about the past and present.

Shabana Mukhtar