Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #25

Noori talks to Sahir about her fears and that she wants a Iife with him. He asks her to increase the dosage. As it’s side effect, Bhola stays asleep for for than 20 hours. Noori loses her strength as she cannot see Bhola in that state.

The preparations for marriage start and Noori insists Sahir to break the engagement.

The next trick is to make Bhola angry so he hurts Noori, basis which she can ask for separation. However, Bhola shows great restraint and does not tell at her.

Going back to Noori’s confession for her desire to spend her life with Sahir; I don’t know, but something was wrong. Noori, as we all know, has a good amount of ego. I did not expect her to go all out and declare her love for Sahir, who had betrayed her. She strongly convinces Sahir but I feel that she is plotting. There is something else on her mind that she isn’t letting us know. I think she does not want to be with Sahir and this is just a game of revenge.

We will know, I guess.

Best scene

Bhola looking after Noori’s burned hand and yelling at his mother.

Shabana Mukhtar

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