Drama Review: Suno Chanda Season 2 – Episode 1

After the hugely popular first season of Suno Chanda last year, the makers had announced a follow-up series already. Come Ramadan and we get the see the cute romantic couple and the delightful family again. The first episode of Suno Chanda 2 aired yesterday.

For characters and review of season 1, please read here.

For characters and review of season 1, please read here.


First of all, the new poster is awesome and everybody is colour coordinated in blue and white. Beautiful!

The episode begins exactly where it left off. The bride, Jia, wakes up to the loud snoring noise of the groom, Arsal. We know the first fight is already on its way. And then, the next about how Jia badly treated Arsal. And then, the next when Arsal asks her for tea. And then, the next when he pesters her to serve breakfast. There are enough bits of small romantic sections, too.

So, we know that the couple has not changed much. They love each other, but they are still as different as could be.

DJ is his usual self, breaking the news and spreading rumours here and there.

Kinza, Sherry and Masooma did not appear in the first episode.

Arjumand Rahim has joined the cast this time as Parveen aka Peeno aka Pari, the old love interest of Nazakat Ali. I simply adore her and cannot wait to see more of her.

Notable Performer

Nazakat Ali was the highlight of the episode. His melodrama and hypochondria is off limits and is hilarious.

Happy watching! 






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