My hobby

Today I was asked to write about my hobby (as part of my job). Initially, I felt I had no hobby and nothing to write, but then I came up with this.


I am a lazy person. A super lazy person. In free time, I prefer to just lay down, close my eyes and do nothing. I never get tired of this.

I like to talk. As I am living away from my family, I spend a lot of time calling people and talking to them. It allows me to show my gratitude to others – who have been instrumental in shaping me as a person.Talking to people also helps me stay updated with their whereabouts.

And secretly, it satisfies my eternal need to provide free consultancy to others. You know that feeling of “been there, done that”. So I talk to people, listen to their stories & their problems and start giving them suggestions, “You should do this, try that”. Stuff like that. I know that does not qualify as hobby. But we ALL do it, all the time. C’mon, admit it 🙂

Like most of the people in this world, reading was my first love. I started reading Urdu literature at very young age. Until couple of years back, I used to read a lot. Suspense, thriller, sometimes socio-romantic. I have read English authors too, but prefer to read literature and fiction by Urdu writers. Reading is still one of my free-time activity, but it does not top the list anymore.

I also used to write a lot of daily journal. It helped me to do self-catharsis. This does not working for me anymore. I guess I just became more lazy.
Recently, I’ve picked up a hobby, a real hobby – crocheting.
I have been crocheting for a few months now. It keeps me busy and I can create beautiful items for my loved ones. It is an expensive hobby, but more satisfying. Have crocheted a lot of items, most of them gifted to my family. I am working on something for myself now. Hopefully you’ll see me sporting these items in future. Let’s see how long this hobby keeps me engaged.



Originally posted 31 October, 2017.

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