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I am not keeping well and a sick person needs to be pampered, needs additional forces to feel happy. As I have nothing better to do with my time, I read a lot of escapist romantic novels. I also watch a lot of happily-ever-after, feel-good telefilms.

I started crocheting again when I went for the year-end break. Writing has taken the backseat for a couple of weeks. I want to crochet something for myself.

6:20 pm:

As I start to crochet a new vest, I randomly played one YouTube video, since it showed Ushna Shah – I love her.

One thing led to other, I kept crocheting and kept watching the telefilms – with breaks in between, of course. I saw these, and in that order.


Telefilm Review: Kya Yahi Pyaar Hai

Telefilm Review: Khala Pangan Ka Sangam

Telefilm Review: Maan Jaaiye Na

1:40 am:
I went to bed. Whatever I had crocheted  is frogged. It was too loose for me. I overestimated my obesity 😛
Stay tuned for the reviews.

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