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Book Description

My two best friends and I planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day as singletons by pigging out on ice cream, but Cupid had other plans.

Everyone knows there’s nothing more effective at mending a broken heart than an ice cream binge with your closest girlfriends.

When Claire, Lila, and I tried to console ourselves on Valentine’s Day by sampling every item on the menu at the neighborhood ice cream shop, the evening took a very unexpected turn when an ex-husband, a cute soda jerk, and his lovelorn brother got involved.  

This short and sweet rom com is purely PG.

Author Profile

Hi, there! I write sweet PG-rated feel-good romance, romantic comedy and humorous women’s fiction.

When I’m not writing, I try to keep my houseplants alive, continue my quest for the perfect gingerbread recipe and enjoy spending time with my husband of many years.

Presently, I don’t blog, tweet, Facebook, pinter or insta-anything. Maybe someday 🙂


This wasn’t as fun as the first book I read by this author:  A Kiss in the Snow,but it was a nice read… 

A short story that wouldn’t take much of your time, and leave you with a smile. Read it if you’re into short stories.

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar

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