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So, it’s time to review the fifth episode. I know, I know. I should have posted the review episode 5 of Maala three weeks ago when I read it, but…

Yep, this review is three weeks too late. Unlike episode 4 review, it has nothing to do with my disappointment.  Oh, no, it isn’t. I’m not disappointed; I’m thrilled, or should I say I “was” thrilled because it was a while back. I missed the review because I simply forgot. Hey, it happens in old age.

ed, let me put a big disclaimer out there. This review is filled with spoilers.

With that, let’s cover the ground quickly.


Now, since most of this is of my memory, which isn’t very good because of my old age, you will have to bear with me.

This episode shows us the real life of Mahir Fareed. He is a tough yet sweet boss who likes firing people left, right and center several times a week. His staff is encouraged to talk to him about anything and everything. He is creative, but he is also a shrewd businessman who wouldn’t let go of a bill even if it is on his own brother.

This was much needed because until now Mahir Fareed was more like a silhouette. Now, I can see a hero. We all know how important it is to be able to visualize your hero and heroine. Nemrah puts a lot of emphasis


We also learn a little bit about Birbal. Birbal is also an interesting character. He reminds me of Ahmar from Namal, and I’m sure other readers would agree to me. He is, what we can call, a chikna ghada. Insults, taunts, sarcasm, all is lost on him.


As for the jadoo tona which is the main theme of this novel, Nemrah takes us deeper into the world of black magic and explains things in most lucid way possible. I didn’t much care for those tutorial-like paragraphs, but I did take away something:

That one should read Manzil to protect against the dark magic.

I could also relate to Ziyad’s mother and Maahi. It so happens that we tend to slip on our routine and schedule of durood and wazaif when things go fine. It surprises me that I have had Manzil in my drawer like all my life, probably ever since I moved to Pune. And it is only recently that I have started reading it. And that’s why I love Nemrah’s writing. She motivates us to take a step closer to being pious and being righteous. I love love love her skill to weave powerful messages in the narrative.


So, that was the review from my end. How did others like this episode? Let me know if you agree/disagree with my review. You can comment, or email me.


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