Book Review: RAQQASA KA QAT’L (Jasoosi Duniya #19 By Ibn-e-Safi)

Alright, I return to Ibn-e-Safi after months. Let’s review another murder mystery.

Plot Summary

The story begins as Hameed and Faridi are on a vacation. Of course, when do they ever enjoy their vacation? The dancer gets killed and Faridi inevitably gets involved in the investifations.


This is one of those novels that show Faridi as a superman, he can do anything and everything. Also, this was one of those Ibn-e-Safi stories that I hate. Don’t get me wrong. Hameed doesn’t fail to entertain us but the plot – the whole love quadrangle, rivalry, revenge,  disloyalty; don’t like it much in a crime novel.

That concludes the review for Raqqasa Ka Qatl – the 19th story  of Jasoosi Duniya. I don’t like it much so I won’t even bother asking what do others feels about this one.

Until next review, remember me in prayers. This Corona thing is never ending, huh?

Shabana Mukhtar

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