Drama Review | Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay | Episode 1

I know, I know. If you’ve read this post, you are probably laughing at my poor resolve. I didn’t want to watch this drama for reasons I’ve already mentioned. But then, how can I not watch the drama that others are watching. I don’t want to live with FOMO.

Also, I know for a fact that the story is always changed to suit the screen adaptation. For instance, Zindagi Gulzar Hai was a small story, which was transformed into one of the best and most romantic dramas of Pakistan. Let’s take Parizaad as a latest example. Even though it is based on Hashim Nadeem’s novel of the same title, the same is changed drastically. I say that because I didn’t want to watch the drama, and yet the first two episodes come as a surprise.

I would want to be pleasantly surprise if this story is twisted and is given a happy ending. I just wish…

I will give it a 2-episode test.

Let’s meet the cast and the characters.

Hum Kahan Kay Sachhay Thay Episode 1 Written Update

The story is straightened up. We see Shagufta bickering about her relatives. Her constant bickering affects Mashal at a very young age, and she starts feeling jealous of Mehreen. This jealousy forms the very foundation of this story.

We also see how Mehreen’s parents have a difficult marriage, and it ends horribly, so terribly. It scars Mehreen for life.

And then we see a time leap!

Enter Mahira Khan, with a bit of overacting

Oh, younger Mehreen sounds a lot like older Mashal. Haha!

Why Laila Wasti looks so different from Dilruba? Why does Usman Mukhtar look so different from Sabaat?

Have you read the novel ? Or my review? What do you think of the story? I will meet you in another review.

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