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My latest romance short story is #13 in Amazon’s Kindle Store under Short Stories category. Yayyy! Can we take it to #top10 please? Spread the word, thank you. #writerslift #bookpromotion #

Once Upon A Blind Date: A Sweet Romance Short Story

Ex-fiancés meet for a blind date on World Chocolate Day…

Anaa Singhal and Mihir Ruia run into each other at a chocolate-making class. They were once friends, and neighbours and fiancés. Until he went to the UK for better job opportunities and better living standards.

Will they be able to tolerate each other for the class?
Will Anaa forgive Mihir for walking out of their engagement?
Will Mihir realize his mistakes? Will he admit his changed feelings for his fiancé?
Will they be able to fight the tension between them?

“Once Upon a Blind Date” is a clean and wholesome romance short story.

For the lovers of second chance romance…

I hope you enjoy this short story.

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