Fun Facts About Me – Blog Post Series

(29th July)

I turn a year older today. I am going to take a bold step and share fun facts about me. Let the worlds of me and the other me overlap.

I hope to post every Monday. Let’s see how many facts I have got 😉

Not bragging, but just so you know, I share my birthday with some big names.


Sanjay Dutt – the man who has seen it all

Josh Radnor – the cute guy from How I Met Your Mother

Will Wheaton – Sheldon’s mortal enemy in The Big Bang Theory

I am in the big league, eh?

Sanjay Dutt is turning 60, a big milestone and he will launch the ‘Prasthanam’ teaser.

Mine is a ‘smaller’ big milestone. What should I do?

The plan was to reveal the title and cover of my next book; but it is far from ready. The other plan was to do a million things, but I go in a hibernating mode over the weekend and could not do much.

Anyway, maybe soon, maybe someday, maybe next year…

Oh, I know what I can do. I can announce a giveaway.

I am running a free promotion on Amazon (July 29 and July 30) for my latest novella in happily ever after series – Maybe Someday.

It is free on all the Amazon sites. If you know how to use ASIN on Amazon – use B07TXLPDVT.


Click one of the links to buy for free.

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