Giveaway: A True Lie (By Shabana Mukhtar)

A True Lie

I have just published a novella about life of a teenager, a student of tenth class and her predicaments – academically, socially, romantically. She faces the exam pressure, the pressure to be a nice daughter, the pressure to have a boyfriend.

It gets to her. And thus begins a long and seemingly never-ending journey of lies.

I am giving away free copies via Amazon. It will be free for the day on April 4, 2019.

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Shabana Mukhtar

A novelette highlighting some of the pressing issues that young adults face in India 

A social, cultural, family drama… 

A romantic story… 

A May-December Romance 

Neha is a high school student. She is constantly pressurized by her friends to have a boyfriend, buy a mobile phone, and enjoy life. 

Neha has a different meaning of enjoyment and her priorities are different. She doesn’t find the mobile phone a necessity. She doesn’t feel the need for a boyfriend. But the peer pressure is getting to her. 

To quiet the constant nagging, she introduces her imaginary boyfriend and cooks up a rather naughty story. 

But the story doesn’t leave her alone. 

Gradually, she starts to fall for her so-called boyfriend. It isn’t good. She falls for Rehan Ali. Rehan Ali is ten years older than her. He is the younger brother-in-law of her father’s cousin. He is sort of taboo for him. He is out of her reach. There is no way the two can be together.  

But the heart wants what the heart wants. She is living a confused and devastatingly depressing life. She is torn between the need to be a good daughter and to seek her happiness. 

Does Rehan feel the same way about her?  

Does she confess her feelings for him? 

What happens when the family finds out? 

Read on to find more. 

Shabana Mukhtar