Maybe, Someday (Happily Ever Afters #8)

After a year of continuous increase in the royalty, I have observed a sudden drop.

What am I missing? I write just as much. I have a number of books already on Amazon. Right, I am missing on the biggest and most important part of being a writer – marketing and promotion.

My last post about my own book was in April and May 2019. I haven’t posted a review request on Goodreads since ages.
It is time!

I had a perfect beginning of the month. I call it perfect if I publish a book. Yep, HEA #8 is out. Buy it here.

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Jasmine has just moved to Pune city after getting a lucrative job, thereby realising her life long dream of being independent. She is cynical, uptight, restless. She’s also a mama’s girl, still abiding by her mother’s whims – from a mandatory schedule of calling twice a day to visiting every shrine and religious place, she cannot say no to her mother.

Kabir continued working at his first job for six years before moving to Pune for a better paying job. He is free-spirited, friendly and calm. He likes exploring places and interacting with real people instead of generating social media following.
Their paths cross when they both visit a shrine. A witty and cute story featuring two interesting yet conflicting characters.

Will they hate each other?
Will they fall in love?
Do they meet again?
Maybe, someday.

“Maybe Someday” is a stand-alone novella with a happily ever after theme. It is squeaky clean and does not contain any profanity or sexual content.

I seek reviews on my latest KDP book “Maybe, some day”. It is a coffee break read, at 58 pages.

The next in my “Happily Ever Afters” series is releasing by month end.

Stay tuned and contact me for a review copy.

Shabana Mukhtar

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