Ask Laftan Anlamaz | Episode 27

Who got emre there in first place? Derya. What? She wants the company for doruk and emre wants hayat.

By the way, one threat and emre steps out of sartr. How lame is he for a villain. Even though hayat agreed to work with him. And is she really that great? Or is it just to irk Murat. I think it’s ths latter.

Emines blind son cemil is the mystery man although I doubt if he is blind.

Tuval arranges another honeymoon trip and forces the duo to leave. Bhai waah. Not so fast. Cemil …

Leila doesn’t get food until she tells about money. Apparently some book Leila owned is very important.

Hazal meets Murat and tells that Leila has escaped but she doesn’t let him contact police. Will Murat fall for it?

Cemil pretends to be blind until he sees tuval. For reasons unknown Emine hides hayat’s wedding from him. He doesn’t let hayat go and we see a long phone conversation between the now estranged couple.thry meet somewhere as though they haven’t seen each other for ages.

And then cemil tells that he can see. He still doesn’t let hayat go so she rants for several minutes for missing brother and father. Now all cemil wants is a wedding.

Part 14


Cemil arrives at sarte, sees a man watching tuval and picks up a fight. When Murat asks tuval for a wedding dress for hayat, she spills the beans about Azime and Ayse giving cemil more reasons to be upset.

So another wedding ceremony for Hayat and Murat. This has stretched for ages, don’t you think? Emre wants to break this wedding and Leyla is abducted. I am just wondering which of the two will stop their wedding. It is someone new, Mr Sefer hayat’s father this time. They rush through the celebrations to be done with the wedding before Sefer comes. Also, emre’s gift that derya hid in the closet is now set on the table. Will this couple ever have a moment of quiet?

The boys are having a separate party and they all know cemil isn’t blind. The party the dance, it is so much fun. K am intrigued about their traditional wedding. and funnier when Emine finds out about cemil. Hehe.

Leyla burns down the room and hit Hazal to get away from her.

The couple heads to a house in the middle of nowhere. That’s where they become one. Episode 27, can you believe how long it dragged?


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