Ask Laftan Anlamaz | Episode 22

Doruk takes Hayat to the hospital. Murat has closed himself from everyone.

Derya packs a bag with all the jewels etc. Despite  her decision to leave Murat, hayat cannot leave him at the hospital alone. Broken and vulnerable.
She announced her decision to her family as well.

At the hospital Murat snoozes and dreams that hayat is having a baby and all her friends and family are around. So he decides to bring his family together.

Leila is well despite my hopes that she would die. But she loses her memory. How convenient! Derya assumes that Leila is faking it so she hurts Leila on purpose with her words and physically as well.
But he cannot bring himself to talk to her. Hayat falls unconscious and… Yep, the dream comes true.
Ipek and Kerim get engaged in a cafeteria among strangers.

Murat gets drunk in a bar recalling all his fights with Hayat. And he picks up a fight with other customers. Later he comes with balloons and flowers and a teddy. She doesn’t let him in. When Hashmet finds him outside, he lets him sleep in the car.

Kerim meets Leila and she remembers Murat. How come?

Murat has turned into a Bollywood lover boy and is chasing after Hayat like a mad man. The romance is s much fun but there is too much drama in this drama now.


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