Ask Laftan Anlamaz | Episode 26

Will Hayat survive the fire in the secluded cottage?

She does. She cannot even shout but Murat can hear her voice. That’s what happens when you are truly in love. Also, true love allows you to push your wife on broken glasses, apparantly. takes her to the hospital. And he stays with her while the doctors treat her? Where does that happen?

Later he falls asleep in the same bed. Seriously what hospital is this.

Doruk comes there. How does he know? Kuch bhi hora hai.

Emre sneaks into Murat’s office and goes through the files. security man falls tuval.

Tuval calls hayat and learns about her near death experience. Both women decide to keep the emre thing away from Murat.

Our man has anger issues no. It ain’t easy. Cagla calls Murat. The lawyer says that late necat has sold all shares.

I wonder why hayat simply forgives him. He pushed her and left her for crying out loud.

Murat meets a miniature Murat a boy who dresses like him and talks like him and has problems like him.

Tuval asks kerem to keep emre out and he does a fine job.

Part 9

Emre challenges Murat to talk man to man and our angry hero agrees. Doruk and kerem.follow him anyway. He instigates him enough so Murat punches him and the three men are behind the bars. Remember that scene in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Emre says that he will take his complaint back if hayat promises to work with him..what kind of twisted mentality this man have is beyond me. Unnecessary twist and confusion.

Derya funds about necat shares. But the boys handle her well. Derya seems to care about Murat at times. She also gets into a cat fights with Leila when Leila misbehaves with Azime.
This acts as a binding between saas bahu.
Her character arc is white confusing.

Hashmet is still missing.butbhe sends a parcel for Azime. Ans a letter. Another date. Ahem.

Tuval resigns thinking brining emre was her fault. Later Murat clears hayat’s misunderstanding. He tells that he trusts her and she would talk to him first about everything. If that was done love stories would be so easy no?

Hayat books 15 days honeymoon bit crazy shit happens before that.

Leila leaves the house with Hazal but Hazal.kidnaps her. Why? Money, what else.

. A mysterious man is watching the girls (hayat’s family) they call kerem for help. Murat and hayat and family come to celebrate Fadik birthday. And during that celebration Murat thinks: to be a family, you don’t need blood relations.

Enters the new partner: emre, no prizes for guessing.

Azime keeps waiting. The mystery man in mustard jacket has a weapon. Be isn’t halit hashmet’s right hand man. Who is he?

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