Dilruba | Episode 18

The latest episode of Dilruba (episode 18, aired on July 25, 2020) is here. Let’s review.

Natasha and Khurram argue as problems hit Khurram from all sides – no pocket money from Natasha’s father, vacate the apartment, no job, no money. Natasha is quite the evil mind. I am sure she will come up with some plan.

Sanam’s friend Ruhana is … Annoying… Kitni overacting. That dude Farhad is flirting with Sanam and Sanam enjoys and blushes as if… Allah… What the crap is this drama?

Sharafat again suggests that Sanam should forgive Khurram and Sanam says: stay in your limits. You’re a servant. Will Sharafat step back from all the friendly and fatherly advices?

The aaya is also suspicious of Sanam’s acts now.

Arslan’s marriage is fixed with Sehrish. Ghazala learns about Sehrish’s previous engagement. Now, Ghazala is fussing about it. Jameel visits Sanam to invite for Arslan’s wedding just as she’s leaving for shopping escapade with Ruhana. She treats him badly, just as she did to her mother, sister and brother. Will this be the end of all ties? I don’t know. Sanam is unreliable.

Whos the new lover Farhad? Why do I sense a revenge angle here?


Shabana Mukhtar

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