Emergency Love | Episode 104


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Sonia mistakes Zeynep as Sinan’s girlfriend but Nisan doesn’t let Sinan tell the truth. Why? Because lying fixes the situation, in Nisan’s world. I don’t blame Sinan for being mad at Nisan. I pity that man. Where is Abidin when I need a pinch of comedy?

Sonia offers to do the surgery for a patient because one of the senior doctors isn’t available. Because that’s how it’s done in hospitals. Come, do am operation for us. Kuch bhi ho raha hai.

Zeynep has a slumber party and Uzair’s imagination goes wild but the girls are pretty decent and boring for Uzair. One of them recognizes Uzair as her friend’s girlfriend. Zeynep is suspicious now but the reality is still hidden.

I wonder if there is a way to just watch Abidin’s sections and not see Nisan. She gets to my nerves.

Shabana Mukhtar


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