Emergency Love | Episode 67

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Sinan and Nisan come back. While Ayla is happy about Nisan’s memory; Sinan is upset about Berzan’s presence in his apartment. Why? I mean, he knew about their relationship. And, he has just been with Nisan. Dual standards!

Nisan knows that Abidin has stolen her car; but Abidin doesn’t know that she now remembers everything. His monologue with the car is so funny.

Ayla nosily asks Sinan about their time on the farm house but Sinan dodges the question.

Okay, the fun ends and Ayla gets her first problem of the day. The medicine stock is over and Ayla loses it. Even Sinan feels that she had overacted.

Berzan and Ansuman are planning for a party for Ayla. Ayla scolds a bunch of night-shift staff. Berzan points out that she’s being rude. But, Ayla wants to be the tough chief.

Nisan is talking to Abidin, coercing to bring her car back; while she spots the goon man in doctor’s overall.

Who is that man? This mystery had gone out for so long.

Why nobody’s bothered about missing Sadiya?

Did Murat have only this much role?

Let’s see if the next episode answers some of these questions.

Shabana Mukhtar


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