Emergency Love | Episode 73

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Goon man tells Nisan that he would ruin her life just as she did to him. He orders her to stay away from Sinan.

Abidin is back to his flirty best. I wonder where Hassan, Murat and Ehsaan have disappeared. Weren’t they hell bent on getting Abidin married to Nisan.

Abidin notices Nisan’s and convinces / forces her to confide in him. When he leaves, he kisses her forehead, like an elder sibling. I am a fan of this boy.

No, we don’t hear that story so the mystery is still on.

Goon man’s name is Kinan and he’s Sinan’s friend. Even Melik feels that Kinan is weird. Nisan is about to see Kinan with Sinan when a young boy nearly falls down. She’s distracted. But tell me, how does Nisan know his name is Kerim?

Anywho, this boy is neglected. But he’s smart. He senses that the two doctors treating him are a sorta couple. Kids!

Shabana Mukhtar

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