Emergency Love | Episode 79


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Sinan is waiting for Nisan and Kinan is holding a gun ready to shoot him. Nisan changes her mind. She has to, for the life of the love of her life. Oh, word play.

Kinan orders her to drive his car. Stupid Nisan dials Abidin’s number and talks to Kinan so Abidin would get a hint about her location. Lover boy Sinan is busy buying flowers as Kinan takes Nisan to one of those warehouses bad men use as their adda.

Abidin is heading towards the adda with police. The police officers arrive and rescue her. Who the hell is Kinan and what’s his story?

Anyway, Abidin decides that now it is his right to live at Nisan’s house. Funny man.

Ayla and Berzan are enjoying a nice dinner. Guess what is playing on their television? Relationship Status: Complicated, the scene when Aysegul meets Can Tekin for the first time.

Shabana Mukhtar

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