Emergency Love | Episode 80

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Abidin crashes at Sinan’s place. He is shameless and even shows tantrums to Sinan – don’t talk on phone, don’t be arrogant, make tea for me.

Anyway, Berzan first seeks Sinan’s blessings before proposing to Ayla.

Ayla knows so she puts in extra effort to dress for her shift.

Ayla isn’t alone. Nisan goes all crazy – from planning for a detailed romantic date to buying am engagement ring. That ain’t gonna be perfect. Right? If that wasn’t enough, Abidin offers to help. God help Ayla and Berzan. Hahaha.

Nisan has a camcorder and she plans to shoot their entire day together. Let’s see how that goes.

This series doesn’t seem to head anywhere. Berzan and Ayla are still contemplating their future. Sinan and Nisan are still not serious. Will it ever end?

Shabana Mukhtar

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