Emergency Love | Episode 95


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I know, I had denounced this drama but a few people have requested me to review it, so, here goes.

Zeynep is ranting as Nisan and she return from the wedding. The taxi driver seeks advice about his back pain but Zeynep snaps at him. Too upset, she decides to stop by at her house whilst Nisan would talk to Sinan.

Uzair is asking women over at Zeynep’s house. And, of course, we can tell what is about to happen. Zeynep walks in on Uzair and Fiza. Just to stay under the same roof, Uzair lies about being gay. What?

Sinan yells at Nisan again and Nisan step out of the hospital, into the heavy downpour where she bares her soul and admits that she wants to spend her life with Nisan. And, they kiss. Awnnn!

Nisan prepares a nice breakfast for Sinan, drops the butter on the stairs and keeps walking. Who will slip on that butter?

Shabana Mukhtar

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