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It is time to review episode 16 of Ghisi Piti Mohabbat. 

So, Khalil’s inna-lillah is done, and now Samia faces another opposition: social commentary on her fate – once divorced, once widowed, shit like that happens in real life because people don’t have a life, you know what I mean?

Farkhanda confesses of killing Khalil, only in front of Samia. While her actions seem justified, killing a man is a sin and a crime. I don’t wike it.

The three women are coordinated in black, by the way.


I also liked Shaheen Khan’s role. I generally find her acting mediocre and loud, but this time she was composed and superb. Well done!

But, Samia tells on her. Police arrests Farkhanda. And Faisal learns about it on the TV. Samia’s family is unperturbed, like they were when she was divorced from Rizwan.

Samia is back to her job. This time iddat is not in picture. Faisal is nowhere to be seen but we see another prospect – very talkative, super annoying and chhichora Ali Abbas.

Shoaib and Asmara’s tiff continues and it feels dragging now. Shoaib’s mother Rubina is one stupid mother-in-law. She doesn’t see that her son is hurting. Abul Hassan does a fabulous job of being a hurt husband and a hurt son. 

Thankfully, Rubeena asks Asmara for the reason Asmara is avoiding Shoaib but Asmara doesn’t say a word because she doesn’t want to embarrass Shoaib. She can fight with him, end her relationship with him but won’t embarrass him. Bhai waah!

Shoaib’s taunts push her off the edge and she finally tells him that he stinks. Rubeena overhears, too. Don’t like the loud music but I like how this is tackled. Many women suffer from this stinky husband issue. Commendable!

Love Saba Faisal’s costumes!

Shabana Mukhtar

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