Kashf | Episode 12

Let’s begin with the review of latest episode of Kashf – episode 12 that aired on June 30, 2020.

This episode begins as Imtiaz questions his family – who knows who was inside the burqa?

Kashf recalls her dream about Wajdan’s suicide. She leaves the aastaana, because of his suicide threats. Imtiaz loses his calm, locks Kashf in her room and orders that nobody can talk to her, or open the room, or feed her. You see how cruel a father can be. And, to think that Kashf thinks of him well despite his greed and his evil deeds.

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Shumaila comes to invite Kashf for Meelaad. Imtiaz agrees for a price of 10000 rupees. Shumaila is a true friend, she agrees to that amount. Kashf leaves a letter for Wajdan taking his promise to not commit suicide. However, that night, she again dreams about Zoya and Wajdan’s marriage. How many times will she dream about them?

A powerful man (sent by Qari Muzammil) asks to talk to Kashf. Kashf promises to meet him only if Imtiaz lets her listen to other men’s problems; and if he lets Dilshad have the women’s donations; and if he lets Wajdan work at her aastaana. Since when did she become so strong?

The episode ends as Zoya shows “Wajdan” written on her palms with henna. Why so surprised, Kashf? You’ve dreamt about that plenty, no?

The best scene is when daadi snatches cash from Imtiaz. A simple and seemingly hilarious scene that tells just what money can do.

Yet again, Kashf’s prayers are so simple and touchy. Amen to that!

Question: Why does Kashf meet Wajdan? Why is this drama still promoting love without marriage?

Shabana Mukhtar

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