Kashf | Episode 14

Aashi & Iram both have a love interest in their lives. Zoya is after Wajdan as Corona is after us. Will the love stories move forward in this episode? Let’s find out. Here’s my review of latest episode of Kashf – episode 14 that aired on July 14, 2020. 

Imtiaz brings the whistleblower woman to apologize to everyone. A part of me is suspicious that the whole charade could have been Imtiaz’s ploy to insult Matee-ullah!

Aashi doesn’t really care much about anything. It is the shrewd grandmother who notices the ‘real reason’ of Aashi. She later questions Aashi but Aashi refuses to tell her. Hmmm!

Faiyaz is coughing and isn’t keeping well. I go back to my earlier prophecy. The mayyat that Kashf sees in her dream would be of Faiyaz and not of Wajdan, as Kashf thinks.

Love is in the air. Iram and Aashi  meet their alleged boyfriends. If that wasn’t enough. A girl meets Kashf and asks her to give her a taweez so she could marry the man she loves. Kashf refuses but Imtiaz takes money to make a fake taweez.

Kashf dreams about Iram and Aashi weeping, a hint that those men aren’t sincere.  Kashf prays for them and also asks Wajdan to enquire about Babar. Babar seems nice on surface, but Wajdan has suspicions about him. Me too

Will Faiyaz survive? Will Babar be a sell-out? Will Aashi will have another bitter experience? We will find out in next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar

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