Kashf | Episode 16

Here’s my review of latest episode of Kashf – episode 16 that aired on July 28, 2020.

This episode begins with a funeral. It is not for the first time that Kashf regrets her dreams turning into reality.

Zoya is back on her “Boycott Kashf” mission and talks shit about Iram but both Zoya and Iram are currently so against Kashf.

Matee-ullah is planning a strike on Imtiaz with free token, free parking, etc and Shahbaz informs Imtiaz of Matee-ullah’s plans. Matee-ullah also learns about Shahbaz’s betrayal but Imtiaz is savage, at least when it comes to business.

Iram meets Babar and Babar suggests that they should elope. Just what Kashf dreamt, that Iram is running away. She later tells her family every dream she has seen about Iram. Zoya indirectly tells Iram to do whatever she wants. Waleed and family however finalize the rishta with Iram, despite Iram’s obvious disagreement.

Akbar takes Aashi for shopping and buys her an expensive ring. Oh, Akbar is an accomplice of Matee-ullah. Haw!!!

Until next episode, stay blessed, stay home and stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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