Kashf | Episode 17

Here’s my review of latest episode of Kashf – episode 17 that aired on August 4, 2020.

Imtiaz has gone one step ahead to make aastana a success. He gives fake taweez for 5000 rupees. Kashf threatens that next time she will hand over aastana to him. He doesn’t feel ashamed, not one bit.

Waleed and family like Iram and Zoya conveys the news to Wajdan and Rasheda. Wajdan confronts Kashf but Kashf has better arguments. She asks him to leave.

Wajdan spots Iram with Babar. Dilshad learns about Iram’s disdain for Kashf. She tells Iram about how Kashf raised her. Iram is now completely against Kashf. She is bitter and it makes me think – she was the “good” sister, no?  Even though Kashf tells her that she dreamt Iram visiting Makkah.

Akbar and Babar (look at name choices) are both hired by Matee-ullah to prove Kashf’s dream are false. He has only business and revenge in mind.

Imtiaz is now looking for a bigger home.

The drama gets more dramatic and Kashf sees many a dreams including one wtih snakes. Uff!

The best scene is when Kashf weeps after praying. That’s me after every prayer when I realize afresh that I cannot visit my family because of the pandemic.

Just look at that pained expression.


Until next episode, stay blessed, stay home and stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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