Kashf | Episode 18

Here’s my review of latest episode of Kashf – episode 18 that aired on August 11, 2020.

Apologies for late review. I was travelling, so couldn’t watch the episode. Yep, I am home!!! Yayyy!!!

Iram decides to marry Waleed. Huh? What a surprise! Babar is devastated, so is Matee-ullah. They try again and Iram refuses again. I like her resolve so far. Imtiaz isn’t stupid, we all know. Shahbaz is recording Babar’s conversation on video.

New house, new car, Imtiaz and family are revelling in the success of Kashf’s aastana. Everyone is happy, even though Kashf doesn’t get a good vibe from the new bungalow. The family undergoes transformation in a jiffy.

Wajdan is still hell-bent on marrying Kashf, even if takes Kashf to sit on aastana after marriage. Imtiaz has several conditions, including Faiyaz’s house. Kashf says no, but Wajdan…

In the middle of the night, Iram tries to elope and learns the truth about Babar. Zoya wins the game by still being on Iram’s good side. That evil girl.

Iram has learned the lesson. She isn’t a good actor, especially when she cries, she cannot emote sadness at all.


Until next episode, stay blessed, stay home and stay safe.

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