Kashf | Episode 19

Here’s my review of latest episode of Kashf – episode 19 that aired on August 18, 2020.

Wajdan has handed over the property papers to Imtiaz and now Imtiaz is pondering over ways to tackle with Wajdan. He will not let Wajdan marry Kashf, never.

Kashf finally tells Wajdan that she has dreamt him marrying Zoya. Zoya overhears this because that’s what she does – sneaks around. She is still unhappy about Kashf. She isn’t Iram. She will never learn the lesson even if it takes to tarnish Kashf’s image.

Iram gets married in a small ceremony. Now that Iram’s angle is closed, Matee-ullah has a new target – Zoya. He learns that Zoya wants to marry Wajdan. How? Stupid Aashi tells Akbar. I know, she doesn’t know Akbar is an accomplice but still…

Wajdan clearly tells Zoya that she should forget about him, so she meets Matee-ullah. What’s his plan? Shoot her video when she’s talking to Wajdan.

The crowd is going crazy because the video is viral now. Is it the end of Kashf’s sanctuary? Don’t know but her family is certainly not trusting her. 

Hira Salman’s performance is so great when she breaks down because of all the commotion. But Imtiaz always wins the award for best performance. 

Moment of the day: Asma Abbas replaces Lubna Aslam for Rasheda’s role. Both are terrific actors but it is difficult to accept the change. Besides, Lubna Aslam had a bit swag that Asma Abbas is lacking.

Shabana Mukhtar

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