Kashf | Episode 6

Let’s begin with the review of latest episode of Kashf – episode 6 that aired on May 12, 2020. This drama has passed the 5-episode test; and until something cringy happens, I will watch this till the end.

If you’re new to this drama and interested in knowing the characters and previous episodes’ reviews, and you should, read here. It will help you understand the story better.


Dadi sides with Imtiaz and opposes Aashi’s opposition. Aashi is a woman of substance and doesn’t go down easily. She calls Wajdan. At least Wajdan’s sincere for her.

Wajdan comes barging in, confesses his love for Kashf in front of entire family just so Kashf would refuse. She agrees because she knows Imtiaz would say no. How? Because Imtiaz has struck a deal with Shah ji to sit Kashf on his aastana and in return get his debt cleared.

That look in Kashf’s face…


Imtiaz tells Kashf his plans of changing his life and lifestyle. Despite his awful plans, she puts the chadar on him.

The four women barring Zoya are against Imtiaz. Aashi encourages Dilshad to separate from Imtiaz. I like that. Aise khokhle darawe khatm karne ke seedha aur aasaan nuskha.

Wajdan comes to know Imtiaz’s new plans but Shumaila tells him:

جب ایک باپ اپنی بیٹی کی کمائی کھانے کا ارادہ کر لے تو اس بیٹی کی شادی کبھی نہیں ہو سکتی۔

Kashf overhears Zoya’s untold dreams of marrying Wajdan. She shouldn’t be surprised. She knows what’s going to happen. Hasn’t she dreamt about it already?

Up next, Kashf dreams Rasheda kissing her hand out of aqeedat.

Shumaila tries to reconcile her differences with Rasheda. Later, Rasheda finds out that Faiz and his family was involved in drugs. Ergo Rasheda’s change of heart. This drama is fast. I like it. Slow Mo is not my thing.

So long.

Shabana Mukhtar

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