Main Ayeshagul | Episode 41

Turkish title: İlişki Durumu: Karışık

English title: Relationship Status: Complicated

Urdu title: Main Ayeshagul

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Let’s get started with review of episode 41.

Can and Aysegul both cannot seem to get over their married life. The good memories are just too many.

What is Aysegul’s job? To wear a bunny costume to entertain kids. The pay is lucrative and the costume is funny, so she has to agree.

Can is also a bear. And, in that crowded mall, he seeks apology though Aysegul expects a proposal. It irks her, again. At this point, what else is new?

Can falls sick and calls Efe to bring some help. Elif overhears his conversation and follows him to Can’s hiding place.

Aysegul doesn’t pay any heed to Efe’s concerns about Can. Back in the village, Elif is taking care of Can quite well. Sometimes, I wonder if Can should choose her instead.

Shabana Mukhtar

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