Main Ayeshagul | Episode 42

Turkish title: İlişki Durumu: Karışık

English title: Relationship Status: Complicated

Urdu title: Main Ayeshagul

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Let’s get started with review of episode 42.

Madiha and Ismail are on their way to see Can and the car breaks down. That scene only adds to the hilarity of this episode.

Aysegul also comes to see him. She claims to take care of him only because he had done the same when she was unwell. That’s not true. Is it? They both feel for each other. The damn ego.

Not surprisingly, Elif also comes with the doctor. To avoid the clash between the two women, Can locks Aysegul in the out-house.

Aysegul isn’t tame, so she starts the tractor to get out of the locked house. The tractor breaks the wooden door and she escapes but cannot seem to stop the tractor. Can freaks out, and Elif in turn turns blue with envy. Sigh!

With each episode, this drama is getting more interesting. Now that Aysegul and Can are divorced, I wonder how they will get back together.

Shabana Mukhtar

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