Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 3

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Derya is always pitting Murat and Doruk, typical stepmother. But the bros stand strong for each other.

Hayat rants about Murat in front of Doruk, funny scene.

Suna tries to tell her father that she doesn’t want to work at Sarte. That’s when Suna finds out that something is fishy. She arrives at Sarte. Murat calls for Suna and real Suna and fake Suna respond at once. Will Hayat’s lie be revealed?

Hayat says that Suna is her cousin. Necat and Derya also meet Hayat. Hayat tells Suna about her dilemma and Suna orders her to finish this game.

Murat asks Hayat to organize the archives. This irritates Hayat because she feels that Murat is being unreasonable. Instead of sorting the archives, Hayat calls her friends to tell them about Suna. Her friends have nothing better to do except be on conference call with her all the time.

Murat arrives there to talk about swot analysis and Hayat falls into his arms and that sensuous music begins to play. This couple is hot ya. Didem watches them like this.


Ipek and Asli research about the swot analysis and also suggest that they will collectively talk to Suna to convince her. Is that so easy? Doubt it.

Let’s wait will next episode.

Check the cast and characters and read previous episodes review here.

Shabana Mukhtar

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