Qarar | Episode 2

Maya is still out while Ammar and his nano visits Siraj for her proposal. While Salman drops Maya home, he also proposes to her.

Despite Nadira and Maya’s disagreement, Siraj agrees to the proposal. Fareeha faces their brunt later. She even apologizes to Maya for no reasons. In response, Maya orders her to end things with Ammar without involving Siraj.

When Siraj confronts Nadira, she honestly tells him that she has spent her life dreaming about things. Poor Siraj! 

Maya is upset and desperately trying to reach Salman. Salman has everything she wants, except his personality isn’t as handsome as she wants. But Maya prefers Salman over Ammar. 

Ammar and his nano talk about Ammar’s older brother Junaid (I am assuming Meekal Zulfiqar). They don’t know that Maya doesn’t agree to this. 

Fareeha meets Ammar to ask him to cancel the engagement. Ammar is devastated to learn that Maya doesn’t want marry him. On the other hand, Maya learns that Salman is married. Now she changes her stance. Fareeha faces another dilemma – talk to Ammar again. 

Sanam Jung doesn’t look good in her negative character, I tell you. I love her as Aiman in Mere Humdum Mere Dost. 


Shabana Mukhtar

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