Qarar | Episode 4

Salman is visiting Maya’s house again and again. Fareeha informs Nadira and Nadira asks Fareeha to keep it to herself. Stupid Fareeha agrees. Fareeha’s mother’s jewellery boxes are emptied but she doesn’t even know.

Maya and Nadira are on a shopping spree and Maya runs into Ammar. Ammar shows attitude to Fareeha. He accuses that Fareeha is jealous of Maya and him. Poh!

Now, when I think that Fareeha will end up marrying him, I just cringe. I hate men like Ammar. Bas mere murghe ki ek taang. By the way, in one of the interviews, Zahid Ahmad suggested that Muneeb Butt should experiment with his looks and roles. I agree. He always plays that chitta munda. 

So, Maya meets Salman and Salman lures her by showing her the lavish lifestyle he leads.  That, and a sentimental speech that he was a victim of circumstances and was forced into a marriage with his cousin. Maya and Nadira are just the sort of people you want to avoid even in reel life. I meant don’t we have enough selfish people around us that the drama also show the same. Fiction should imitate real life but only for the fun part. I love rom-coms. I like escapist dramas and novels, like my latest story Once Upon a Crush.

Maya loses Salman’s visiting card which she accidentally drops. Guess who finds it? Fareeha. She hides it, Maya searches her room, typical Aliya Bukhari style. It squeezes your heart with pain and makes you want to scream in agony.

Until then, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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