Qarar | Episode 8

  • Salman’s first wife Zebunnisa’s brother Faiyaz pays a surprise visit. Maya does not like it.
  • Upset, she calls home and learns that Fareeha is home. Maya does not like it, either.
  • When she visits her family, Siraj ignores her. Maya does not like it, either.
  • Nadira asks Maya to return money to Fareeha (for the jewellery they stole from Fareeha). Maya does not like it, either.

Maya does not like anything. She is too proud and selfish to think about anything and anyone beyond herself. And Sanam Jung has become the character that is so well crafted. When she proudly declares just how rich Salman is, and by extension Maya herself, you want to scratch her beautiful face. That is a mark of good acting. 

Maya is bickering about Ammar, his nano, his meagre salary, just ranting in general. Ammar overhears this, loses his temper. Is this the trigger that would make Ammar realize how good Fareeha is? If it is, it will be LAME.

This episode introduces two new characters – Salman’s wife Zebunnisa and Zebunnisa’s brother Faiyaz, who is also Salman’s brother-in-law; watta satta, you know.


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Shabana Mukhtar

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